China Council for the Promotion of InternationalTrade Datong Branch(hereinafter referred to as "Datong CCPIT"), also called China Chamber of International Commerce Datong Chamber of Commerce, was founded in November,1989.
  Datong CCPIT is a nongovernmental organization for foreign economy and trade, formed by representative figures, enterprises, associations and organizations in Datong.

  About Datong

· Datong
· Transportation in Datong
· The history of Datong
· County&District


· Superior Industry
· Datong Export Products
· Investment Environment
· Investment projects
· Investment Procedure
· Investment Service


· Folk Art of Datong
· The legend of “Phoenix Town”
· Traditional Festivals
· Local flavor of Datong
· Local Entertainments
· Religious Activities and the Places in Datong
· Local Customs


· Introduction of Datong Tourism
· Yungang Grottoes :one of the three main grottoes in China
· Suspending (Xuankong) Temple
· Nine –Dragon Screen Wall
· Old castles on the Great Wall
· Shanhua Temple
· The shrine for Water God

地 址:大同市新建南路369号
电 话:0352-5020151 传 真:0352-5021290
联 系 人:宋 涛